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We are a Scout-led Troop using the patrol method for all activities. 
Our Adult Scouters participate by providing safety, as scouting examples, and managing the business of the troop. 
The patrol method of scouting allows our Scouts to be placed in Patrols based on age. Each Patrol has a Patrol Leader, Asst. Patrol Leader, and Quartermaster. 
This leadership team works hard during their term to learn leadership, time management, and team building skills. 
The entire Troop has a Senior Patrol Leader along with 2 Asst. Senior Patrol Leaders. The Senior leadership team manages all of the Scout Patrols. 
As an adult leader watching this structure I must comment it is perfect. The younger scouts grow in confidence and organization (also frustration). 
The mid aged scouts know it all and just manage themselves. The older scouts grow in leadership and education skills. 
Because boys deal with others at different levels, the boys MUST be monitored and managed for safety. However, this process works and is simply wonderful.

Our Troop has a long history of providing Scouting opportunities. Our boys have provided the Troop the honor of advancing over 80 Eagle Scouts. 
Yearly our Troop participates in a week-long BSA summer camp (Camp Freeland Leslie in Wisconsin). 
We camp as a troop most months of the year in tents, when possible, or cabins, when it's too cold.   
Our Troop has gone snow skiing, rafting, fishing, biking, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, and sledding. Some of our camping activities include “Survivorman”, merit badge work, arguing over who will do KP or not, service project activities, camp fires, and working on rank advancements. 
In April & September, our Troop conducts a Court of Honor, to celebrate rank achievement and merit badges earned over the previous 6 months.  
Older scouts in our Troop are asked to set an example and lead the younger scouts. This additional responsibility allows these boys to have greater options and freedom. 
Troop 191 runs a “High Adventure” activity for older scouts on occasion. The meaning of “High Adventure” is the scouts get to do or go somewhere (typically a week) and experience greater adventures then Troop camping. 
Our Troop in recent years has gone to West Virginia white water rafting, Minnesota to the boundary water, and South Dakota rock climbing. 
Additionally, the summer camp (CFL) we attend has day trip High Adventure activities. 
This allows scouts to experience more then camping and merit badges while still going to summer camp. 

The goal of our Troop is to allow the boys to: 
1) BE safe 2) INCLUDED in activities 3) INCREASE skills (scouting/camping and life) 4) RECOGNIZED for accomplishment.

I and all the adults of Troop 191 try weekly to help your sons experience these goals.