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Cub Scout Pack 257
(Irwin, Pennsylvania)
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Pack 257 Leadership as of March 2019

Charter Representative: Scott Myers
  • Represents the Irwin Moose, which is our Charter Organization.

Cubmaster: William Bouldin, Sr
  • Recruits, supervises, directs, plans, and motivates other leaders.
  • Supervises the recruiting of new scouts.
  • Leads the monthly pack meeting.
  • Works directly with the Den Leaders, Den Chiefs, Committee Chair and members to make sure that all dens are functioning well.
  • Maintains the scouting program.

Assistant Cubmasters:  
  • Helps the Cubmaster carry out his responsibilities.
  • Supervises the pack in the Cubmaster's absence.

Committee Chair: Angelo Houston, Sr
  • Presides at monthly pack committee meetings and supervises committee operations.
  • Conducts the annual pack program planning conference.
  • Prepares the annual re-charter application.
  • Files tour plans with the council.
  • Maintains communication with the charter organization.
  • Registers new scouts and adult leaders.

  • Records committee meeting minutes.
  • Creates pack newsletters.
  • Maintains pack inventory list.
  • Updates Scoutlander.

Treasurer: Leslie Bouldin
  • Supervises pack budget plan.
  • Maintains the pack account.
  • Tracks scout accounts.
  • Disburses funds as needed.

Fundraising Chair:  
  • Manages all fundraising activities other than the popcorn sale.
  • Completes council required paperwork for all money-making activities.
  • Coordinates with the Committee Chair and Charter Representative.

Advancements Chair: Leslie Bouldin
  • Submits advancements to council.
  • Purchases advancements for pack meetings.
  • Verifies advancement records of all boys.

Camping Coordinator: Leslie Bouldin
  • Attends camp organizing meetings as set by Westmoreland-Fayette Council for Camp Buck Run
  • Assists in sign-up and booking for Day Camp and Family Camp.
  • Assists the Committee Chair in preparing paperwork and health forms for camp.
  • Assists the Treasurer in collection of fees.

Training Coordinator: 
  • Verifies that adult leaders in the Pack have completed required training.
  • Keeps up-to-date on upcoming training opportunities from council.

Popcorn Chair:  
  • Attends council kick-off meeting.
  • Distributes sales materials.
  • Collects and turns in orders.
  • Distributes the popcorn.
  • Assists the Treasurer with money collection.

Arrow of Light Den Leader: Leslie Bouldin

Webelos Den Leader:  Chris Precopi

Bear Den Leader: 

Wolf Den Leader: 

Tiger Den Leader:  

Lion Den Leader: